Release Notes

This page is designed to communicate all major dataset and platform fixes, enhancements, and known issues/problems that USAC has addressed based on valuable USAC Open Data community user feedback. If you encounter any issues and problems please email us at

Release Date - January 16, 2020

New Dataset
The Rural Health Care Posted Services (FCC Form 461/465) dataset is now available. This dataset contains data allowing service providers to view service request information provided by individual Health Care Providers (HCPs) and consortia applying for funding through the Rural Health Care (RHC) Program. The data is collected from the FCC Forms 461 and 465, which includes the service request information.

All data contained within the FCC Form 461 (Request for Services Form, Health Care Connect Fund (HCF) program) and 465 (Description of Services Requested & Certification Form, Telecommunications program) is self-reported by applicants to RHC.

Release Date – September 25, 2019

The following Fund Types have been added:

Connect America Fund Phase II Auction (CAF II Auction)

Alternate Connect America Cost Model II (ACAM II)

CAF II Auction inside of the data is identified as "CAFII AUC", while ACAM II is identified as "ACAM_II".
The "High Cost Disbursement Fund Type Glossary.pdf" file has been updated to reflect the 2 new funds.

Release Date – August 10, 2019

The field Pending Reason has been updated for pending FCC Form 471s so it reflects the latest pending reason from EPC.

Release Date - July 05, 2019

New Dataset
The Rural Health Care Commitments and Disbursements (FCC Form 462/466/466A) dataset is now available. This dataset contains data about funding decisions, total committed amounts, and total disbursement amounts for the Rural Health Care (RHC) Program. The data is collected from the FCC Form 462 (Funding Request Form, Health Care Connect Fund (HCF)), FCC Form 466 (Funding Request and Certification Form, Telecommunications program) and FCC Form 466A (Internet Service Funding Request and Certification Form, Telecommunications program). All information within the FCC Forms 462, 466, and 466A data collection is self-reported by applicants.

Release Date - March 13, 2019

The following field have been added to the E-rate Request for Discount on Services: FRN Status dataset. 
          Service Delivery Deadline -  Services must be installed or product must be delivered on or before this date.
The E-rate Request for Discount on Services: FRN Status dataset now displays FCC Form 486 Status as 'Approved' or 'Partially Approved'.
          Approved: FCC Form 486 and FRN is approved so invoicing may begin.
          Partially Approved: FCC Form 486 and FRN is partially approved so invoicing may begin for those FRNs approved.

Release Date - January 15, 2019

Updated the Companies Near Me dataset to reflect recent enhancements within the Companies Near Me tool to include City and County information. 

Release Date - January 11, 2019

Updated the E-Rate Request for Discount on Services: Connectivity Information dataset to reflect recent changes to FCC Form 471 for FY2019 and forward. The dataset does not display the connectivity information for Original (Certified) and Current versions of the FCC Form 471 for FY2019 and forward since this data has been removed from FCC form. The dataset continues to display the connectivity information for FY2018 and prior.

Release Date - November 13, 2018

The following fields have been added to the E-rate Request for Discount on Services: Discount Calculations dataset.
          Child NSLP Students - Number of students eligible for National School Lunch Program (NSLP) for a child school.
          Child NSLP Percentage - Calculated by dividing the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) students by the total
          number of students for a school.

Release Date - November 02, 2018

The E-Rate Recipient Details And Commitments dataset is now available. This dataset combines key fields captured from the E-rate Form 471 (Basic Information, FRN Status, FRN Line Items, Recipients Of Service, and Supplemental Entity Information). Use this dataset to answer questions such as: 
          Who are all the recipients in the E-rate program? 
          What type of service is a particular recipient getting? 
          How much is a recipient paying for a particular services? 
          Who is the service provider for a particular recipient? 
          Is the recipient a Tribal School/Library, Public School/Library, Charter School, etc?

Release Date - October 08, 2018

The High Cost: Connect America Fund Broadband Map (CAF Map) dataset is now available. This dataset serves as the source of information for the Connect America Fund broadband map (CAF Map), which displays the geographic areas that are eligible for CAF support, as well as the specific fixed locations where carriers participating in the program have built out broadband service. The information in this map comes directly from the carriers, which submit broadband deployment data annually using USAC’s High Cost Universal Broadband (HUBB) portal. CAF Map is based on data certified in the HUBB as of 3/1/2018.

Release Date - September 21, 2018

  • Field completeness percentage has been updated within all dataset glossaries found within the data catalog.
The API field name "ben_address1" has been corrected to read  as "billed_entity_address1" . The API field name "ben_address2 " has been corrected to read  as "billed_entity_address2" .
The API field name "auth_phone_ext " has been corrected to read  as "aut_phone_ext" .
The API field name "child_conn_typ " has been corrected to read  as "child_conn_type" .
The API field name "child_entity_typ_name " has been corrected to read  as "child_entity_type_name" .
The API field name "child_enity_cep_percentage " has been corrected to read  as "child_entity_cep_percentage" .
The API field name "enity_cep_percentage " has been corrected to read  as "entity_cep_percentage" .
The API field name "par_enity_name " has been corrected to read  as "par_entity_name" .
The API field name "par_entity_typ_name " has been corrected to read  as "par_entity_type_name" .
The API field name "invocing_ready " has been corrected to read  as "invoicing_ready" .

Release Date - August 16, 2018

Refreshed the High Cost Disbursements dataset  due to changes made to disbursements of SAC 515108 for Frozen High Cost Support in October 2017 .

Release Date - June 29, 2018

Please note: All updates below will take effect for Funding Year 2019 FCC Forms 470 and forward. No record changes will be made to FCC Forms 470 from Funding Years 2018 and prior.
The API field "service_type" has a new Service Type called "Data Transmission and/or Internet Access"  for all Category 1 services . This will replace the Category 1 Service Type "Internet Access and/or Telecommunications" .
The API field "maintenance_technical_support"  will no longer be used, as a result the data will be displayed as NULL.
The API fields "minimum_capacity"  and "maximum_capacity"  will have three additional bandwidth capacity options for all Category 1 services:          
          50 Gbps          
          75 Gbps         
          100 Gbps
The API field "unit"  will have one new additional Unit option. The Unit field will now include an option for "Detailed in RFP" indicating the location of the Unit details for all Category 1 services.
The API field "function"  will be limited to the following options for all Category 1 services:   Leased Lit Fiber (with or without Internet Access)
          Internet Access and Transport Bundled (Non-Fiber) 
          Transport Only- No ISP Service Included (Non-Fiber) 
          Internet Access: ISP Service Only (No Transport Circuit Included) 
          Leased Dark Fiber
          Leased Lit Fiber 
          Self-Provisioned Network (Applicant Owned and Operated Network) 
          Services Provided Over Third-Party Networks 
          Network Equipment 
          Maintenance & Operations 
          Cellular Data Plan/Air Card Service 

Release Date - June 28, 2018

Refreshed the High Cost Disbursements dataset  due to changes in the source data for disbursements made in May 2018. 

Release Date - June 07, 2018

The API field name "appication_number" has been corrected to read  as "application_number" .
The API fields "latitude"  and "longitude" have been corrected to include the geocoded coordinates for both the Applicant entities as well as the individual Recipient of Service entities. 
The API field "wave_sequence_number" has had its datatype changed from character/text to numeric in order for numeric operations to be applied to it.

Emergency Release - May 31, 2018

Maintenance Complete
  • FCC Form 471 Dataset Outage Resolved
The system issues affecting the USAC Open Data FCC Form 471 datasets have been resolved. All USAC Open Data FCC Form 471 datasets are available on the open data platform. The postponed release of Open Data platforms enhancements and fixes has been rescheduled for June 7th

Emergency Release - May 23, 2018

  • Due to system issues, the USAC Open Data FCC Form 471 datasets are currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience, please check back again later.