Release Notes

This page is designed to communicate all major dataset and platform fixes, enhancements, and known issues/problems that USAC has addressed based on valuable USAC Open Data community user feedback. If you encounter any issues and problems please email us at

2022 Release Notes

Release Date – May 26, 2022

  • The ECF third application filing window data has been added to this dataset.  

Release Date – April 25, 2022

This dataset has been updated so that data from ECF funding applications submitted during the third application filing window will be made available after May 13, 2022, when the window closes.

Release Date – April 11, 2022

Rural Health Care Commitments and Disbursements (FCC Form 462/466/466A)
  • CCPP information was removed from the Dataset.
Rural Health Care Posted Services (FCC Form 461/465)
  • CCPP information was removed from the Dataset.

Release Date – February 9, 2022

New Tool
E-Rate FRN Status Tool FY2016+
The E-rate FRN Status Tool FY2016+ provides the latest funding request number (FRN) data including: applicant/BEN data; service provider data; FRN status; service type;  service start and end dates; FRN costs and funding amounts; FCC Form 473 - Service Provider Annual Certification (SPAC) status; applicant FCC Form 498 status, application pending reasons; FCC Form 486 status; wave date; Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL) comments; last post commitment/appeal wave data;  service delivery and invoice deadlines; invoicing mode; and total disbursement amount.  Each row in the data set is for a single FRN. 

Release Date – February 8, 2022

New Tool
E-Rate FRN Invoice Deadline Tool
The E-Rate FRN Invoice Deadline Tool provides users with the ability to search, view, and download funding request number (FRN) data related to invoicing including the invoice deadline date, funds remaining for invoicing, and the invoicing mode (BEAR vs SPI). The underlying data set has FRNs for FY2016+ and is sunset off the FCC Form 471 FRN Status data set.

Release Date – February 7, 2022

New Tool
Emergency Connectivity Fund Program Data Tool
The “Emergency Connectivity Fund Program Data Tool” provides user-friendly filters to search, view, and download Emergency Connectivity Fund program data. The tool’s underlying dataset provides a single record for each funding request number (FRN) so users can see the latest funding status, commitment, and disbursement data.

Release Date – January 20, 2022

New Tool
E-Rate FCC Form 471 Download Tool
The E-Rate FCC Form 471 Download Tool provides users with the ability to search, view, and download FCC Form 471 data for Funding Year 2016+.  The tool includes filtering capability across the seven data sets for FCC Form 471 and includes original (certified) and current (committed) versions of each application.

Release Date – January 12, 2022

E-Rate C2 Budget Tool Data FY2021+
  • The field ” Pending C2 Budget Amount” was updated to now include some cost allocations from denied or canceled FRNs under a pending appeal as reflected in EPC. Also, a bug was fixed where a limited number of entities still showed pending amounts from FRN line items that were deleted during review; these pending amounts are no longer shown.
  • The field “C2 Per Site Basis Difference” was removed from the Dataset.
  • The data glossary  definitions for “C2 Budget Algorithm”, “C2 Budget”, and “C2 Budget Version” were updated to reflect EPC updates for FY2022.