E-Rate Search Commitments Tool

E-Rate Funding Commitments Data 
Use the filters below to filter and view data from all committed FCC Form 471 applications starting in Funding Year 2016 (FY2016).  
The detailed funding report below displays data based on any applied filters and can be exported to different formats (e.g., CSV for Excel). The filters will also apply to all charts in this page except for the 'Funding Commitments Summary' table on the right. For each chart you can switch the view to display a summary table by clicking the chart's bottom left 'Summary Table' tab. 
  • Records with 'Yes' for 'Pricing Confidentiality' will not have 'Funding Commitment Request' amounts included.
  • All charts provide totals since FY2016 if you do not filter by funding year.
  • Data refreshes each morning with the prior day's data. 
  • Funding commitments may change due to appeals, COMADs, and other funding adjustments.
Detailed Funding Report

The report below includes data based on filters applied above.  To export the data, click the "⤓" icon on the upper right hand corner of the report below.