Emergency Connectivity Fund Invoice Deadline Tool

Tool Description

This tool provides Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) program data for the invoice deadline dates and funds remaining on approved funding requests (FRNs).  ECF funds expire and cannot be invoiced after the invoice deadline date has passed for a given FRN.  USAC encourages applicants and service providers to submit their invoice(s) as soon as service or equipment is delivered and prior to the invoice deadline date If you do not plan on using your obligated funds, USAC encourages applicants to reduce or cancel the funds by creating a post commitment change in the ECF portal so USAC can approve additional applications from the third application filing window.
Use the filters below to identify funding and its expiration date based on the invoice deadline date.  The filters below apply to all charts.  For each chart, you can change the view to a table by clicking on the chart's bottom left 'Summary Table'.  A detailed report can be found at the bottom of this page that can be exported.  Data refreshes each morning with the prior day's data.
  • The field 'FRN Remaining Amount' is a calculated field based on the 'FRN Approved Amount' minus the 'FRN Authorized Disbursement'. 
  • The 'FRN Remaining Amount' can change over time based on changes to the 'FRN Approved Amount' due to post commitment changes and the approval of invoices and the 'FRN Authorized Disbursement'. 
  • Pending invoices are not reflected in this tool and report.

ECF Invoice Deadline Date Detailed Report

The report below includes data based on filtered applied above.  To export data, click the "⋮" icon on the upper right hand corner of the report below.