E-Rate FCC Form 470 Download Tool

E-Rate FCC Form 470 Data
The E-Rate FCC Form 470 Download Tool can be used to:
  • View and export FCC Form 470 data found in the E-Rate Productivity Center (EPC) for Funding Year 2016 and onwards. This data includes applicant and requested services details such as contact information, application number, Billed Entity Number (BEN), funding year, service type, function, links to FCC Form 470 documents and related Request for Proposal (RFP) attachments; and other related information from the E-Rate Productivity Center (EPC).
  • Download PDF versions of the FCC Form 470 (the latest form version either original or current) as well as any Request for Proposal (RFP) attachments.
Below is some additional information about this tool:
  • Data in the tool is updated nightly.
  • The "Original" form versions are those first filed by the applicant; "Current" form versions are those that have been modified. The data includes whichever is the latest form version for each application.

How to search for FCC Form 470 data:
  1. Click on "More⮟" on the bottom right of the Filters section below to display all filters. 
  2. Use any of the filters to search for the FCC Form 470 data that you need. For text filters, you can also search by using "CONTAINS" instead of the default "IS".
  3. The data will be displayed in the data table section below the Filters section.
  4. To view descriptions of the available columns in the data, you can click on the "⋮" icon on the top right of the data table section below and then click on "View Source Data"; the descriptions will be in the "Columns in this Dataset" section of the page.
Note to Service Providers offering Lit Fiber service: When offering bids for Lit Fiber services, Service Providers can respond to FCC Forms 470 applications that have as ‘Function’ either of the following: ‘Internet Access and Data Transmission Service’, ‘Standalone Data Transmission Service’, ‘Services Provided Over Third-Party Networks’ or ‘Leased Lit Fiber’. This allows vendors offering equivalent services via other technologies to also submit bids.
How to Export FCC Form 470 data:
  1. Click  on the "⋮" icon on the top right of the data table section above and click "Export Data". 
  2. Once the download menu is displayed, select "Filtered Data (n rows)" to only download your filtered data rather than the complete dataset.
  3. Click on the "CSV" or "CSV for Excel" button to initiate the download.
  4. Once the download is complete, it will be available in your browser's downloaded files.
How to view FCC Form 470 or Request for Proposal (RFP) PDF documents:
  1. To view the FCC Form 470 PDF document click* on the URL listed on the third column "Form PDF".
  2. To view Request for Proposal (RFP) documents click* on the URLs listed on the sixth column "Request for Proposal Documents". 

    *Note: Depending on the internet browser used, PDF files may open in the current browser tab navigating away from the tool; to open the PDF document in a new tab, hold the ctrl key while clicking on the URL.
    Also, some browsers may not initiate downloads for certain file types after clicking on the URL. If the download does not initiate after clicking, you can right click the URL, select "copy link address", and paste it in a new internet browser window to navigate to it and initiate the download.
How to access the data via API:
  1. To view API access information for this data, you can click on the "⋮" icon on the top right of the data preview table section above and then click on "View Source Data".
  2. On the new page that opens, click on the "API" menu button (the fourth button to the right of the main title "E-Rate FCC Form 470 Tool Data") to view the API access documentation links and details.