High Cost Tools

These tools provide access to public High Cost program data and program disbursements. For the full catalog of datasets, see High Cost Datasets.

Featured Tool

The Connect America Fund Broadband Map (CAF Map) 
The CAF Map displays the geographic areas that are eligible for CAF support, as well as the specific fixed locations where carriers participating in the program have built out broadband service. The data in the map includes address, latitude and longitude coordinates, carrier name, deployment year and minimum speeds available.
The information in this map comes directly from carriers, which submit broadband deployment data annually using USAC’s High Cost Universal Broadband (HUBB) portal.
The CAF Map Release 3.0 dataset displays the locations where carriers that receive CAF support had built out mass-market, high-speed Internet service as of December 31, 2019.
USAC independently verifies broadband deployment to a random sample of reported locations each year to monitor carrier compliance with CAF build-out obligations, but not all data in the map has been subject to this review.

Connect America Fund (CAF) Map