E-rate Data Tools

These tools provide access to public E-rate Program data including commitments and disbursements. For the full catalog of datasets, see E-rate Datasets, which includes data from FCC Forms 470FCC Forms 471, and information about entitiesconsultants, and annexes.

Featured Tool

E-rate C2 Budget Tool FY2021+
The C2 Budget Tool Data FY2021+ Set is designed to assist applicants in determining their C2 budgets for each five-year cycle beginning with the first budget cycle, which starts in FY2021 and ends in FY2025. This tool and data set provides information about applicants’ C2 budgets based on the most recent entity profile and commitment data available, but does not capture all data points that may be relevant for determining an applicant’s actual available C2 budget at a certain point in time during each five-year cycle, such as pending appeals and FCC Forms 500. It should therefore be used for informational purposes only.