Release Notes

This page is designed to communicate all major dataset and platform fixes, enhancements, and known issues/problems that USAC has addressed based on valuable USAC Open Data community user feedback. If you encounter any issues and problems please email us at

Planned Release - June 07, 2018

The API field name "appication_number" has been corrected to read  as "application_number" .
The API fields "latitude"  and "longitude" have been corrected to include the geocoded coordinates for both the Applicant entities as well as the individual Recipient of Service entities. 
The API field "wave_sequence_number" has had its datatype changed from character/text to numeric in order for numeric operations to be applied to it.

Emergency Release - May 31, 2018

Maintenance Complete
  • FCC Form 471 Dataset Outage Resolved
The system issues affecting the USAC Open Data FCC Form 471 datasets have been resolved. All USAC Open Data FCC Form 471 datasets are available on the open data platform. The postponed release of Open Data platforms enhancements and fixes has been rescheduled for June 7th

Emergency Release - May 23, 2018

  • Due to system issues, the USAC Open Data FCC Form 471 datasets are currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience, please check back again later.